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Tickets is an easy to use Customer Support and Sales Enquiry solution.

bluetrait.io makes it easy to keep track of your business enquiries.

Tickets is fully customisable, bluetrait.io can work for your business

Email Integration

  • Bluetrait's Ticket module expands on your company's current email system
  • Emails are imported automatically into Bluetrait for your team to action
  • Email notifications for replies are sent to alert when a Ticket has been actioned
  • Multiple email accounts are supported and each account can be filtered into different departments


  • Assign Tickets to staff members or teams for actioning
  • View all Tickets assigned to you to prioritise your work load


  • Categorise Tickets by department for easier filtering and assignment
  • Allow Staff to view tickets by department
  • Restrict access to departments to specific users

Priorities & Statuses

  • Add and edit custom priorities and statuses to suit your company
  • Colour code priorities and statuses to highlight important Tickets

Private Replies

  • Discuss amongst staff privately without alerting the Ticket creator
  • Save notes for future reference within the ticketing interface


  • Create custom fields such as Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Dates and more
  • Allow only staff to see specific custom fields
  • Customise Email templates with our easy to use WYSIWYG system

Predefined Replies

  • Create predefined replies for common questions for quick response

Guest Portal

  • Allow users to login and view the status and reply to their tickets