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Endpoint Remote monitoring and management

MSP Features

The following features are fully customisable by you, and allow you to configure bluetrait.io to work best for your company

Operating Systems

An agent for all your devices including Windows, Linux, MacOS & SNMP


Windows Patch Management

Ensure Windows remains up to date with all security patches with scheduled or on-demand patching

View Windows patches by type:

  • Critical Updates
  • Drivers
  • Security Updates
  • Service Packs
  • Feature Packs
  • Definition Updates
  • And more


Write scripts and commands for any Operating System (bash, powershell etc.)

Scripts (tasks) can be grouped into Jobs for batch running of multiple scripts with a single click

  • Edit Windows scripts with our Powershell GUI editor
  • Write scripts to run at any time through the Tasks system
  • Scripts can be scheduled to run at regular intervals


The Monitoring system can automatically create alerts

  • When a service has failed or is missing
  • When the disk is nearing full
  • When an Agent goes offline
  • When a Threat or Virus is detected


Tagging is used for categorising Agents and is completely customisable for any use case e.g. "Workstation", "Server", "Laptop"

Tag Rules allow you to automatically add tags to any agent based on the set of criteria logic you have configured


bluetrait.io MSP integrates with the following softwares which provide additional features such as antivirus, accounting/billing, remote control or data analysis


Export MSP data as CSV to use the data for external reporting

The following data is available as a CSV export

  • Hardware
  • Services
  • Programs

Additional features

Dashboard showing alerts, latest agents and more

Outage alerting with automatic creation and closing of tickets

Templates to categorise devices and apply rules

Track last seen public IP addresses per machine and when they were last used

Create groups of tasks (Jobs) to run together

Service Monitoring

  • Choose Services to monitor and restart on Failure

Easily schedule computer restarts

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