About Dalegroup

We are a software company & IT provider based in Sydney, Australia

Who are we?

Dalegroup started in 2010 with the vision of providing quality technological support for local companies, whether that be through Desktop / IT Support, application development or website development.

We are still proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, and have an office in Sydney where our staff continue to provide excellent support and quality applications to our clients.

Why did we create Bluetrait.io?

As an IT support provider ourselves, we found that the existing MSP / RMM options on the market are cluttered, overly complicated, difficult to manage and expensive.

Most software in this category are not modular and require you to pay a premium for the entire package, even if you only want a few of the features they are offering.

After spending many years trying to make these enterprise level RMM softwares work for us, we decided to set our sights on building our own modular tool to solve this issue for ourselves and other businesses faced with the same issues.