Feb Release

  • + Added additional export buttons to the MSP agent list.
  • + On network discovery tab, existing machines with agents installed (matched by Mac Address) are shown with a link to them.
  • + When creating an SNMP probe you can now select SNMP version 1. While we recommend Version 2c, some old devices only support Version 1. Requires agent version 3.5.1+
  • + When searching on the Programs page, the publisher is now also used in the search.
  • - Minor improvements to internal mac address cleanup/formatting function.
  • - Small speed improvements to agent task history page.
  • * On dashboard fix tag history not showing computer display name.
  • * Fixed computer count on programs page, previously it was showing the count including deleted agents.

Added Thursday 2nd February 2023 Last modified Friday 3rd February 2023