Network Site Detection

We are pleased to release our next release.


  • + Windows Agent 3.4.4, allows for network site detection
  • + Added toggle all back to MSP agents index
  • + MSP agent index can now search
    • WAN IP
    • LAN IP

Network Site Detection (BETA)

We have released a new feature called Network Sites. This is just a beta that we plan to improve in future releases. The long term goal is to allow you to configure your customers sites and have a dashboard for each site. Allowing you to setup critical agents, network information, passwords etc.

For the first release Windows Agent 3.4.4+ can detect the local network it is on, including subnet, gateway and mac address. This information is used to build a site automatically. We record this in MSP -> Discovered Networks.

To enable this feature please enable "Network Site Detection" from MSP -> Templates.

In future you will be able to pick site that you wish to monitor, the agents on that site will then automatically scan and monitor devices on the network.

Added Monday 23rd May 2022 Last modified Monday 23rd May 2022