Adding an Expense

  1. Naviage to Timesheets > Expenses in the Sidebar
  2. Press the large Add Expense button on the left hand side of the page
  3. Fill out the following fields
    1. Expense Name
    2. Company
    3. Project
    4. Category
    5. Total Amount
    6. Tax Amount
      1. This will be automatically generated from the Total Amount, but can be modified
    7. Purchase Date
  4. If you have a receipt or invoice related to the Expense, use the Attach File button to upload it
    1. This allows more than one file to be uploaded if required
  5. Write a Description about the Expense
  6. Once the Expense Details have all been filled out, press the Add button at the top-left hand side of the page
  7. Once the Expense has been added, you will be directed back to the Expenses list. Here you can continue to add more Expenses, or press the Submit button to submit your Expenses for approval
    1. Once you have submitted your Expenses for approval, the administrators will have to approve the expenses

Added Monday 5th August 2019 Last modified Monday 5th August 2019