Adding a Product

  1. In the Sidebar, expand the Billing section and click Products
  2. Click the large Add button on the left hand side of the page to begin adding a new Product
  3. Fill out all relevant fields
    • NameText
    • Default Price $Text
      • The default price of the product, this price can be modified by discounts
    • Default Billing Cycle $Dropdown
      • Once Off / Single Payment
      • Biennially
      • Annually
      • Monthly
    • Product GroupDropdown
      • Select from the list of all Product Groups which have been previously configured in Settings &racquo; Billing
    • Custom FieldsCustom
      • Custom Fields which have been configured in Settings &racquo; Billing will be available at the bottom of the form
  4. Click the Add button to save the new Product

Added Monday 29th July 2019 Last modified Monday 29th July 2019