Custom Fields

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields are a feature of Bluetrait which adds extra functionality and customisation to fit your Companies' needs.

Custom fields exist in Tickets, Billing, CRM and many other Modules. These can be Added and Modified through the modules'  Settings page.

Types of Custom Fields
  • Text Input
    • A short Text Input box
  • Text Area
    • A large Text Area which allows multi line text content to be submitted
  • Drop Down
    • A drop down which allows users to select from a list of options
    • If adding a Drop Down, you must add Options before Adding the Custom Field
  • Date
    • A text field which has a calendar selection popup
  • Date & Time
    • A text field which has a calendar selection & time selection popup

Added Thursday 25th July 2019 Last modified Thursday 25th July 2019